University of Alaska Fairbanks

Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Office (URSA) Internship Awards

URSA is excited to announce the opening of a new undergraduate funding opportunity: Internship Awards!

URSA’s Internship Awards offer fellowship funding up to $6,000 for the Summer or $3,000 for the Fall or Spring term to support cost-of-living expenses for unpaid or minimally paid* internships with organizations external to UAF. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as long as funds remain. Students must have a secured opportunity in order to apply for funding.

Visit our webpage for more information about this award and to apply!

Eligible Students must:

  • Be a degree-seeking undergraduate student
    • Students of any year of study, from any UAF-affiliated campus, working toward an Occupational Endorsement, Certificate, Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline are eligible to apply for internship funding. Graduated students are not eligible to apply.
    • UAF Campuses Include: Bristol Bay, Chukchi, CTC, Troth Yeddha’, Interior Alaska, Kuskokwim, Northwest
  • Be registered for:
    • Fall and Spring Awards: Students must be enrolled in at least 3 credits at any UAF-affiliated campus for the funded semester.
    • Summer Awards: Students must be enrolled for at least 3 credits during the spring application semester and must plan to enroll in at least 3 credits for the fall semester following the award. Students who graduate in the spring term when the summer award opens are not eligible to apply.
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.3 or higher
Eligible Internships must:
  • Be overseen by an organization external to UAF and UAF-affiliated campuses.
  • Be supervised by a professional staff member within the employer organization.
    • The supervisor will be required to verify the internship prior to awarding and will also be asked to complete a midpoint and final student evaluation.
  • Provide supervision, training, and/or exposure to the student’s career field of interest.
  • Be unpaid or minimally paid* based on the student’s cost-of-living need

Internships are an amazing way to gain personal, professional, and career experience in your field of interest. Undergraduate students of all disciplines and from all UAF-affiliated campuses are encouraged to apply. We hope to see your application in our queue!

The URSA Internship Award will accept applications on a rolling basis as long as funds remain.