University of Alaska Fairbanks

NSF Dear Colleague Letter: EFRI Topic Ideas Request

The purpose of this Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) is to invite the research community to submit suggestions for Topic Ideas to be considered for the FY 2024/25 Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation (EFRI) Program Solicitation. Suggestions for EFRI Topic Ideas are currently solicited and vetted every two years. Selected Topic(s) become the focus of research supported by the EFRI Program. Research proposals that address the specified Topic area(s) are invited via the EFRI solicitation.

This DCL is not a request for submission of a single research proposal idea; rather, it is designed to solicit submission of emerging topic areas of potentially transformative research and innovation. Candidate topic ideas, including a 500-word description, may be submitted at:

The deadline for topic idea submission is: October 31, 2022.