University of Alaska Fairbanks

Nominate a graduate student to visit Antarctic Research Centre

The International Arctic Research Center is seeking nominations for a Ph.D. student or early career scientist to participate in an exchange program with the Antarctic Research Centre at the Victoria University of Wellington.

ARC and IARC began the graduate student exchange in 2004 to promote polar, glaciological and climatological research. 

These visits have been made possible through an endowment from Lee Seng Tee to the Victoria University Foundation. The scholarship covers travel to Wellington, New Zealand, and an allowance for a period of at least two weeks, though a longer stay is possible.

The successful candidate is expected to give a talk at the ARC, and interact widely with researchers in the ARC and the university. On their return to UAF, they compile a short report for the ARC and IARC directors, and the Lee Seng Tee Foundation that reflects on both the activities undertaken and the value of the visit.

Nominations should take the form of a letter of support to Hajo Eicken, the director of the International Arctic Research Center, which describes proposed activities to be undertaken during the visit, existing and planned collaboration and expected benefits from the visit. The nominee’s CV should be attached. 

Applicants are encouraged to make contact with researchers at Victoria University to establish a collaboration. For further information about research at Victoria University visit:

The deadline to apply is May 16.